"Do you need some cheese with that wine?" 

Learn Cheese Making Basics
Bucket List Getaway 
Go from a cheese lover to understanding what makes your favorite cheese your favorite.  Go over the types of cheese making methods, tour the plant, and get your hands dirty making cheese and pairing it with some great food and friends.  Get a group together and experience something special!

$ Price of room selection plus $200 for meals and materials
​If you are looking for a short time away from your world to experience something new, try our Bucket List Getaways.   The idea is simple. Come and stay with us for a weekend Friday night check-in and check out on a Sunday.  In the middle, join like-minded folks that are into having a hands-on experience doing something new!
We will be adding to this list.  We already have a winemaker interested, as well as a blacksmith, candy makers, chefs, pit masters, professional poker player for lessons, and the list will go on. Check back with us or e-mail and see what we have to offer.