"Do you need some cheese with that wine?" 

​This cheese is made in the Spring when the girls are eating green grass to be sure to capture all the freshness we need for Havarti to be everything you want and more!
SPRING HAS ARRIVED!!! And with that comes our first batch of HAVARTI for the year! We make cheese from ONLY our milk so our offering of cheeses varies from day to day depending on all sorts of things.  Yes, it is true the cheese does taste different according to the seasons and availability of types of grasses in the pasture and how much milk the girls are giving us. We celebrate these seasonal differences and can't wait to try every batch of cheese! We hope you love the cheese journey with us too! 
*Above is a list of cheeses we produce, but availability does change. The above list is subject to change at any time.
​Our Gouda cheese is famous for it's creamy flavor! We use traditional cheese cultures to get the Imported Gouda flavor without actually traveling!

JERSEY JACK (Family of 3)
​The cheesemakers describe this cheese as butter made into cheese! Edam is a dense cheese that is great to cook with or make an unforgettable grilled cheese!
Our Jersey Jack is made in a Monterey Jack Style. Since we milk a grass based herd of Jersey cows, we thought Jersey Jack was a good fit! This cheese is made to stand up to a great Bratwurst and a Beer!
Our Garlic Jersey Jack is made in a Monterey Jack Style! This cheese was born due to the girls deciding to eat wild onions one day, which gave the cheese a very interesting taste. We added garlic and...BOOM....Garlic Jersey Jack!
Our Red Pepper Jersey Jack is made in a Monterey Jack Style! We have always wanted a "spicy" cheese, but this did not happen over night. With many trails and errors, Red Pepper Jersey Jack was born! You taste the Jersey Jack  before the peppers finish the flavor off!