"Do you need some cheese with that wine?" 

Queso Blonco
Each week we make this cheese on Thursday to sell all weekend.  We have several flavors, with garlic and plain being everyone's favorite....but if you know Tom, look for some new flavors to add to your favorite list. These cheeses are great on the grill.
Cheese types that our cheese maker likes to offer
We make cheese from all our milk so our offering of cheeses varies from day to day depending on all sorts of things,such as conditions in our cheese cave to amount and flavor of milk our cows are producing.  Yes, it is true the cheese does taste different according to the seasons and availability of types of grasses in the pasture.  We celebrate these seasonal differences and can't wait to try every batch of cheese!
Above is a list of cheeses we produce, but availability is limited and it is not always possible to get all the cheeses listed.
Edam rounds
Great buttery taste made from rich Jersey milk.  It has a cheddar cheese texture and bite with a creamy finished flavor.  Look out fresh apples, Edam is in town!
Gouda Cheese
The taste of a young Gouda is pure, mild, fresh and hardly sour but sweet.  The aged Gouda converts this cheese from the fresh butter flavor to an intense buttery flavor that is very pronounced.