"Do you need some cheese with that wine?" 

Martha & Tom's Farm, LLC
1613 Tschappler 
Owensville, MO  65066
Store Phone:573-437-2699
Cell Phone:​ 901-212-3005
Store Hours:

Contact Martha & Tom's Farm, LLC 
Feel free to contact us with any questions about our bed and breakfast, our cheeses or our cows.  We do live out in the country, so our cell service is not always good. E-mail is best, but if you want, give us a call.
Distances to:

Kansas City - 210 m
Saint Louis - 70 m
Cuba - 20 m
Hermann - 19 m
​Memhis, TN - 341 m
Jefferson City - 53 m
During the week is by appointment only for store business, call the store phone.

The Bed and Breakfast is always open for bookings