"Do you need some cheese with that wine?" 

She is a two-year-old registered Jersey that had a nice calf we named Daisy Mae!  She produces at least four gallons of delicious milk every day.
Adopt Emily and pick a Holiday for Emily to send you some of her cheese!  

Have you wished you had a cow in your life?

Now is your chance to join our team in caring for one of our cows and receiving some of the fruits of your labor.

Each quarter we pick several cows to put up for adoption. All you need to do is select your cow and submit your adoption fee. That fee goes to the care and feeding of that cow.  For your fee you will receive:
1.  Confirmation e-mail, as well as e-mail updates on your cow's life for the following quarter of a year.
2.  You also select a special holiday and our cow will share a special cheese with you.  Since the cheese needs to be cool, these gifts only go out for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, and Valentine's Day.