"Do you need some cheese with that wine?" 

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About Martha & Tom's Farm, LLC
Martha & Tom's Farm, LLC, is family-owned and operated right here in Owensville, Missouri, at the center of historic German wine country.  We are part of the "eat local using sustainable farming" practices.  In fact, our idea of finding a farm that could be organically certified.
Since our company opened its door in July of 2012, we are very busy on the farm with four major projects going all at the same time.  All our efforts are centered around creating a new chapter in our little family.
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Resue horse we named Hera coming in on a cool morning.
The barn built in 1857 is getting rescued.
New Cheese vat being shipped from Denmark...can not wait until it gets off of ship.
The barn is in a reference manual on German crafts in Missouri, we replaced on header and had the inscription carved into the header.  Hope the new carving lasts as long as the old one!
Gallery of Farm life